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Will California Superior Court grant cnservetorship over my adult special needs son if I have a charge on my record?

Los Angeles, CA |

3 years ago there was a petty theft charge filed against me, the case was dismissed but the charge is on my record. I have a 24 year old special needs son to whom i need to conserve. Will the Superior Court investigate this? Will deny my application for conservatorship? Will Regional Center find out about this charge? I need to conserve my adult child to protect him but I'm terrified of letting him down, embarrassment and how it will back fire in our lives!!!

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In a typical limited conservatorship the conservatee does not have any assets. My guess is that your petition for limited conservatorship would be successful unless your son has assets. If he has assets and the court requires a bond this could pose a problem for you depending on your credit rating as well as the criminal issues.

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As a general rule, although government agencies can access initial charges, what they consider are the actual convictions, unless there are some unusual circumstances. However, you actually should consult with an attorney who handles conservatorships, and who practices in the probate courts to get the most definitive answer to your concerns.


If you want to be the conservator this could pose a problem. Consult a probate attorney.

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