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Will boyfriend do jail time for aggravated assualt

Thomasville, GA |
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There is not enough information in your question to give you a real answer. If there was serious injury then the likelihood of jail time goes up. If there were no injuries and he doesn't have any prior record then the likelihood of jail time goes down. Also, if he hires a competent local criminal defense attorney from Avvo, his likelihood of ending up in jail also goes down. Good luck with this matter.

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That depends on many factors. Hopefully by now he has an experienced lawyer helping him. If so, he should ask the lawyer.


Jail time is a possibility in aggravated assault cases. However, a sentence depends on too many factors that are not present here for any of us to give an opinion. How badly was the victim injured? What is the relationship between the victim and the defendant? Where did this occur? How bad is the defendant's criminal history? Who is the sentencing judge (every judge has different values and beliefs). All I can say right now is that it is a serious crime and prison time is possible if your boyfriend is convicted. Therefore, your boyfriend needs to retain an attorney to defend him.


He could, and Agg. Assault doesn't parole very easily. He can get as little as a year of probation and as much as twenty years in prison. Georgia doesn't have a specific "Attempted Murder" law, so prosecutors usually use Agg. Assault.

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