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Will applying for a social security be a problem for me?

Dallas, TX |

I'm in the process of applying for deferred action. I'm wondering if I get approved and try to get a ss# would be a problem for me. I've used a made up social to work before and the social security administration had sent me letters stating the social I was using didn't match their records. Would that cause any problems in me getting a ss# with deferred action?

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I suggest that you speak to a good immigration attorney. This could present a problem. Using a fake number is a form of fraud and if not handled carefully may derail your efforts for deferred action.

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I did speak with an attorney and he told me that uscis knows we have used fake socials. That it won't disqualify me from deferred action. My question was that if approved for deferred action but have used a fake ss# and received letter stating name didn't match number would I have a problem obtaining a social security number?

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