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Will any of the details below help my case?

Baton Rouge, LA |

I was arrested 03/14/13 for a bench warrant concerning an 8 year old DUI charge. My court date is 05/14/13, I was supposed to do 32 hours of community service and take a defensive driving class. I have since lost that paperwork, but I want to get it done before the court date. In my opinion, better late than never. But I'm afraid the judge might not see it that way. I have not received any tickets for moving violations since, but I have had a few non-moving violations that I have taken care of. Aside from the DUI the only thing I'm really guilty of is irresponsibility.

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It sounds like you are taking reasonable steps to improve your situation. Late is usually better than never. I would also suggest that you at least consult with one or more local criminal defense attorneys in your area. Most here offer free consultations. Take advantage of that to speak with one or more privately and confidentially about your situation. You can make use of the lawyer search function on this website to locate other criminal defense attorneys in your area. Good luck.


If you get your community service done and complete the defensive driving course before your court hearing, the court will likely be lenient.


I agree with my colleagues. You will benefit from completing your requirements asap. You may also want to consult, and possibly retain counsel to assist you.


It really depends on the judge. You may get a tyrrant or get a judge on the wrong day, and things could go south on you. However, if Baton Rouge is anything like North Louisiana, you will likely not go to jail if you complete all the requirements you should have before your hearing date and CAN PROVIDE PROOF OF COMPLETION at the hearing. If it was a first offense DUI and you blood level did not exceed .15, you probably won't go to jail. The judge won't care about non-moving violations. If you have other charges pending that have never been resolved, you could be going to the pokey.

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