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Will an employment lawyer be helpful?

Wisconsin Dells, WI |

I was working a job where my bosses yelled at and talked bad about me and my coworkers. I attempted to transfer; my boss refused to transfer me. "Bob" told me I had a choice of demotion or be fired and the other managers wanted to fire me. The demotion would have required me to watch children (I don't have experience and it had never been in my job description) and lift heavy packs of soda (I explained when I was hired I could not lift on a regular basis). I was denied unemployment because they said my job duties had not changed. I have filed an appeal, but I'm worried. My former coworkers told me they were too scared to do anything because they needed their jobs. Should I get a lawyer, is it going to cost more than I would receive from unemployment, would my coworkers have to testify?

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Get an attorney, unemployment continues to be extended and can last for over a year. An attorney will be much cheaper than not getting unemployment. Yes, the attorney may have other co-workers testify but it would be up to the attorney whether it is necessary. At minimum, call an attorney and discuss it with them.