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Will accidentally registering to vote prevent me from being able to renew my Green Card?

Los Angeles, CA |

I am a legal permanent resident, and I accidentally registered to vote in the United States. Soon after realizing the mistake, I cancelled the voter registration. I never actually voted. I understand that this predicament will be an issue if I try to apply for citizenship. But, could it also prevent me from being able to renew my green card when it expires? I see that the i-90 does not ask if you have ever registered to vote, but will immigration nevertheless investigate if I ever registered to vote if I try to renew my Green Card?

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I doubt they will ask if you registered to vote or investigate it.


More information is needed. in general, a person who represents themselves as a U. S. Citizen is allowed to vote. An alien who "falsely represents" themselves to be a U. S. Citizen is deportable. The issue is whether you represented yourself as a U. S. Citizen.

County Clerks have made mistakes. Some DMV Agents insist that all drivers fill out the voter form, even when the box will be marked no to citizenship.

If the box was marked that you were a U. S. Citizen on the voter registration form before you signed, then you likely affirmed that you were a Citizen. However, sometimes there are exceptions.

I strongly recommend an appointment with a candid, competent, ethical and experienced immigration attorney before you file any forms with the USCIS. Do so soon, since forms may be misplaced by county clerks, among other administrative challenges.

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You should definitely meet with an immigration attorney to help you. Maybe a FOIA is in order before filing. Also, did you register to vote in the federal elections or in state elections? These are two different issues.

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