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Will a Warrant Show Up on Apartment Background Check?

Saginaw, MI |

Will a Seven year old warrant from another county in michigan show up on a apartment background check. On the application it asked if the person had been convicted of a crime but that was not the case seeing as it is a old warrant. I have apply for a apartment in the county where the warrant was issued back in 06 and it did not show up.

So basically, my main question is, will it show up when applying for a new apartment in a different county?

What type of background checks do most Apartment Complexs do anyhow? Do they look up local criminal history or warrants? (I have no criminal history, only a old warrant)

-Thank you. But could someone please tell me if the rap sheet from the police department will show up at a department in another county? The apartment that I applied for back in 06 (in the county where the warrant took place) also did a background check but they did NOT find the warrant.

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A "rap sheet" comes from the police department and will include a list of your arrests. Your criminal record contains all of your arrests, whether you were found guilty or not.

If anyone does a background check, as many landlords are doing these days in this desperation economy, you risk having your arrest warrant be seen.

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