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Will a warrant show up on a pre employment background check?

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i have never had issues with the law... but a couple months ago i got a speeding ticket. i went to court and opted for driving school. between school finals, work and family i totally forgot and now i have a warrant. i want to fix this as quick as possible, even in my school days i never had detention... and having a warrant is killing me. I am in the process of getting hired at a new job... but im afraid that given the circumstances i wont pass a simple background check even though i have no convictions. i need a job to pay the ticket... but i have no idea what to do. Please help me.

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I suggest you retain private counsel to quash the warrant and assist you with the underlying traffic ticket. Depending upon the strength of the background check, it may show up on your record; however, more importantly, if (and when) you come into contact with law enforcement (for any reason), you may be arrested on your warrant and sitting in jail while you await your court date won't help with school or work. Best of luck to you.

Kaitlin S. Verdura
Verdura Law Group PLLC


You should not have a "warrant" if you were merely charged with a civil traffic ticket since that is not the proper result for failing to appear at a civil proceeding. If in fact, you have a warrant then you may have been charged with criminal speeding. Be sure to check your documents etc. as the distinction is extremely important.


You mentioned that you have a warrant for your arrest and wanted to know if that will impact a background check. That depends on the extent of the background check but based on many cases I have handled the warrant does show up. Most employers will not hire someone with a warrant because they can be arrested at anytime and you lose the employee. You need to resolve the issue. The best thing is to hire an attorney who can get things back on the track to resolution of your case.

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