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Will a repossession show up on my credit if i let my vehicle go back after a noreaffirmation?

Saint Paul, IN |

I was discharged from bankruptcy about a year ago and did not reaffim my auto loan. I have been making payments on my truck now for a while and now i cant really afford it. If i turn my truck in now, will it affect my credit report?

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If you did not reaffirm, you would be able to return the vehicle now without any penalty and without the repossession showing on your credit report.

Credit reports are supposed to reflect information about your personal liabilities. Since you have no personal liability for this debt anymore, the repo cannot be reported there.

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No, it should not show on your credit report as the debt should already be labeled as discharged. That being said, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your report. I would pull it a few months after the surrender of the vehicle to confirm. If anything shows up, you can then dispute it. Good luck to you!


No, if it does dispute it.