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Will a judge give me another bond for a DUI?

Atlanta, GA |

I was arrested for my first DUI. I was ordered to 1 year probation cause i could not pay my fines and some classes. I completed about 8 months of my probation, but due to work missed my next appointment and my PO issued a warrant for violation. i have since paid my fines and will going to turn myself in. Will they be able to grant me bond, or will have to stay in jail. By the way i am in the state of Georgia.

I am in Dekalb County, GA.

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It does not sound like "bond" is going to be much of an issue for you as it appears that you have been convicted of DUI and have violated probation for not reporting. Since this is a Probation Revocation, a bond is typically not in play, just jail. Much more important is having a lawyer assist you in the complicated process of turning yourself in, arranging a hearing and then negotiating or arguing for the best treatment by the court as possible. Judges in Georgia have wide latitude when determining the punishments for probation revocations and the first offender statute could come into play if you plead under it. I advise you to find LOCAL counsel (familiar with YOUR court) at your earliest convenience to assist and advise you. Good luck!


Very rarely, there is a bond on a probation warrant. More likely, once you turn yourself in, you'll be held until you can see the judge. It may be a day or weeks; you didn't say what county or city is involved, so I can't be more specific. You need an attorney to represent you at the probation hearing, or you may suffer a revocation of any remaining probation, which means you sit in jail until your sentence is over.


Two very good responses already, so I suggest you get a good lawyer to help with the probation violation. It will not be good if they pick you up. Get it arranged or bring your touth brush.