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Will a felony conviction in another state show up if employer conducts background check

Stockbridge, GA |

I have a 1st offender felony charge in GA.(non-violent)Could someone please tell me if it shows up when your getting a job or trying to apply for a house or apartment?I guess what I'm trying to say is-Is it on my credit or criminal record?

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The short answer is "yes, it most likely shows up." The whole answer is a bit more complicated. When you were booked into the county jail, (which I assume you were), the sheriff reported that booking and the charge(s) to the Georgia Crime Information Center. This caused a criminal history to be opened on you. The record would show just basic information, such as the date of the arrest, the arresting agency, and the charge. The final disposition would not be there yet, of course. If you entered a plea under the first offender statute, the record would be updated to reflect that. Once you successfully complete your sentence (probation included, and no new criminal charges) the record should be updated to reflect that the charge(s) were discharged without adjudication of guilt. Then you can honestly say that you have never been convicted of a felony. That is good. But, the arrest will still show up. I strongly suggest that you get a copy of your criminal history to make sure that what is reported correctly at least. Sometimes the discharge doesn't get reported, so it will look like you are a convicted felon. You can request your criminal history at most police departments for a small fee. Then you may want to have your lawyer review to make sure it is correct. Good luck.

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