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Will a DUI conviction prevent me from getting a passport.

Bellevue, WA |

Got covicted of a misdemeanor DUI over 4 years ago. I paid all fines and served out my unsupervised probation. I checked with the court last week to make sure the case was closed and it is. I may still get a driver license suspension in my home state (so far none) and i would like to have the passport for ID purposes just in case. Is there any reason why I would be denied a passport?

I am a US citizen.

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No there is no reason you should be denied a passport. There may be restrictions imposed by other countries as to your travel, there, however, most notably since it is nearby Canada. This country regards DUIs as serious crimes and will bar recently convicted DUI offenders from entering. There are ways around this problem but you should see an immigratioon lawyer to find out what you must do.


If you are a citizen, then you will be able to get your passport. However, your DUI conviction may cause you to be inadmissible in certain countries. You should research that issue prior to leaving the U.S.