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Will a court approve shared transportation costs from out of state visitation arrangement?

Syracuse, NY |

I live in CA and she lives in NY with our daughters where she has sole, legal and full custody. I get our daughters for 8 weeks in the summer time and I incur the entire cost of the visit. She continues to receive full child support when they are with me for the summer. I moved to CA two years ago after our divorce for financial stability. I pay 25% of my income to child support.

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They might, it depends upon the overall financial picture of both parties and the history of the case. Usually, but not necessarily always, it doesn't hurt to ask. I suggest you discuss the confidential details of your situation with an attorney in the area where the last court order was issued, and then you can decide whether to seek a modification of the child support. Good luck!

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Financial picture in the sense of who makes more? I pay around $3,600.00 each year on plane tickets for them to come to CA since they are young I fly out there and fly back with them. Meanwhile, I pay her child support for that entire period of time, daycare while I am at work, food and all other expenses.


You need to file for a downward modification of support . You need the help of an attorney.

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The court can but you need to file something with the court asking. It could also do a deviation on support to account for the move. Talk to an attorney.


I tend to find that if the NCP moves away, the court will place the burden of transportation on that parent, but that is not always the case. Other factors may weigh in your favor. Contact an attorney in the jurisdiction where the mother and children reside. Good luck.

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