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Will a charge for petit larceny, plead to a disorderly conduct and immediately sealed keep me from passing the C&F examination?

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In February 2012 I was at a bar and when I left (not blackout, but fuzzy memory) I grabbed a jacket I thought was mine (it wasn't) and left. Another patron ran out and stopped as I left saying I took his friends jacket. I denied it and pushed him. NYPD intervened and viola, it wasn't my jacket. Charged with petit larceny and harassment. Retained counsel who spoke with prosecutor and explained the situation. Prosecutor agreed to a disorderly conduct plea with community service and immediate sealing. I have no other conduct issues period--no other arrests, academic discipline, or even a speeding or parking ticket. I have disclosed to the bar and am wondering if it sinks my chances.

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It will not automatically kill your chances. Hopefully the rest of your application and interview will overcome this one mistake. Good luck.

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Sounds like both your attorney and the DA dished out real justice. Cannot see his being a disqualifying issue for you as the exam. I have heard of NYPD getting "on the job" despite a misdemeanor or two so you should be OK.

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You should be fine


It shouldn't be a problem as dis con is not a crime (felony or misdemeanor).


No and good job disclosing it. Hell most attorneys have had a DUI or some type of infraction in their lives. We are all human. Best of luck!