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Wife h4 status is initial review ? can she stay after 180 days also

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my h1b status got changed on 17 Oct 2013. and later i applied my wife h4 on 26 nov 2013 (he was with me in usa ). her h4 is still showing initial review.
up to how many days she can stay in USA (unless decision take by USCIS)?

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Was your wife still in a valid nonimmigrant status when she filed a change of status to H-4? If so, she can remain in the US until USCIS makes a decision on her I-539. If she was NOT in a valid nonimmigrant status at the time, USCIS will deny her I-539 and she needs to leave the US within 180 days of the expiration date of her I-94 to avoid incurring a 3 year bar. You should consult with a qualified immigration attorney for advice specific to your situation.


If she was in lawful status at the time she filed for a change of status, she is allowed to remain in the U.S. until there is a decision.

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While filing I-539, she was in L2 ( I-94 expiry date is Feb 20, 2014. but i am not sure that i-94 was valid or not as on oct 17 2013 i got moved to H1b from L1b). considering this , can she stay in usa until h4 decision.


She is in a period of authorized stay al least until the USCIS makes a decision on her change of status application.

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You appear to be concerned about your lawful stay in the United States and wish to remain in the country legally. If that is in fact correct, delegate any of your issues to the counsel of record, as legally appropriate in this situation.

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As long as she filed while in lawful status, she remains in a period of authorized stay until adjudication.

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