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Wife E-Mailing Military Papers with Social Security Number and Photos of Stolen Items.

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Got out of the United States Marine Corps in 2009. My wallet was stolen out of my place few days later, Wife posted the contents (Credit cards, military credit card + ID and a photo of us only she had) and e-mailed my medical record contents and DD214 to tons of individuals. I was injured in 2008. I am out now, 90% soon 100 % disabled through VA + S.S.D.I, court is in California, paying 600+ a month for child support going off my earnings when I was active duty, and due to disabilities I have tried to contact Courts in LA to change my support amount, or talk such as no contact for 1yr + of my son, and details regarding my identity theft. WHAT DO I DO? I have saved up extra cash I had to send to my son, but VA backlog kept me from paying for 9+ months. IDK what to do... I am losing my min

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Will try to repost under identity theft - this is not really a question about social security.

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You should speak with a family law attorney to seek modification of the support if appropriate, etc. , check with your local Legal Aid Services organization for a referral to sliding scale fee attorneys who will help you with these matters.

Please note:

The Social Security system limits the garnishment amount to the lesser of the State maximum or the maximum under the Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) (15 U.S.C. 1673(b)) and is based on the law of the State where the beneficiary resides. Hereafter, the CCPA limit is referred to as the “Federal” limit. The CCPA limits garnishment to:

50%, if the beneficiary is supporting a spouse and/or child other than the spouse and/or child whose support has been ordered.

60%, if the beneficiary is not supporting another spouse and/or child.

55% or 65% respectively, if the garnishment order or other evidence submitted indicates the original support ordered is 12 or more weeks in arrears.

NOTE: SSI (Supplemental Security Income) payments are not subject to garnishment.

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You need to see a family attorney which can help you with modification of your support based on your SS and VA income. They should also be able to help with the visitation issue.