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Wife & I signed agreement for us to be legally seperated. We alternate house & son Mon-Mon. How can I dissolve this seperation?

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We signed this agreement to get rid of dueling DVI injunctions against each other. Both our attorneys mediated an agreement for a seperation to have custody of our son and the house Monday through the following Monday picking/dropping off the son at the Montessori day school (3 1/2 year old). We are speaking and tried marital counseling and anger managment. This was one stipulation in our agreement. I wanted to know my rights where I can dissolve this so that I can be in the house and with my son. I'm so scared and fustrated how long this seperation will go on for. I am still not sure what my wife's future intentions are.

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As you are represented by an attorney, you need to discuss this matter with your attorney. If you both have ongoing DV injunctions, and the marital counseling is not getting you to a point where you agree, then you are probably going to wind up divorced.

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If you want to change the agreement you have to go back to court. Contact my office for free consultation.


Certainly the terms of any agreement regarding visitation with a child can be revisited. If you are still represented by counsel, you should contact your attorney. If you are currently not represented, I would be happy to meet with you. I do not charge for initial consultation. I am in Wesley Chapel. Please visit my website for contact information.

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It sounds like you have reached some sort of temporary agreement, which is probably a good thing but it only a bandaid. What you need now is a divorce that will give you some finality and dispose of the temporary provisions of the agreement. You'll need a family lawyer and your spouse will probably need one too, unless you and he/she can agree on the terms of the final order. It's the same in virtually every case: Either you and he/she agree on all the terms of your divorce or a judge will decide how it's going to be whether you and he/she like it or not. To get the best possible outcome, get a lawyer who will either settle it or litigate to its conclusion.