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WI contract law, is a verbal contract enforceable

Janesville, WI |

When a couple promises each other a future and they take steps to do that[ purchase a home together and also pack up a home out of state and lease it out so they can start thier retirment together in June of 2008]The man promoises the women to put her on his state funded insurance ,he also takes her to the SS office and tells them she IS retiring on June 1st.. then in April he walks out and leaves her in the house ..She left her family and job behind to be with this man.. So here she is without a house in Las Vegas[ leased it for a year] no family & actually had no idea how to get back to Las Vegas.. I have receipts from the move in Vegas and the contract to our home here in Janesville.. He used my address in Vegas when he moved in with me March of 2007..

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I'm having trouble following this question. Ultimately, verbal contracts can be enforceable in Wisconsin. This sounds like a situation where you relied on the representations of your boyfriend to your detriment. You should contact a contracts attorney immediately.