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Why would the drictict atty tell you to stay home

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why would a distract atty have the cops show up to my house to make sure i go to court to testify against someone for a crimal case then the night before the case he calls and say stay home but on the letter that was giving to me by the cops it says if i dont show up i could be arrested. the case has to do with my ex breaking a restraining order i had on him twice . what are my rights to this how can or do to make sure im not being fooled is there a way i can still go to court and have this case still be tried.

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There may be several reasons why an ADA may have called you to to say not to come. It is possible that the ADA and defense counsel may have agreed to continue the case to another date or they may have reached an agreement on a plea agreement making it unlikely that the case would go to trial. If you are concerned, you may still attend the court date as it will be open to the public, and If you are the victim in this case, I would recommend speaking with a representative of the DA such as the victim witness advocate assigned to this case. Best of luck

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Chances are that the case was not going to be able to go to trial on that day. This could be for several reason, such as the defense attorney advanced and moved the case etc. Call the victim witness advocate for the DA office to get clarification on what happened.

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