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Why would someone have a supplemental setting in the magistrate court in Tarrant County for a 3rd DWI felony?

Irving, TX |

suspect gets 3rd DWI felony. is already on probation. doesn't pay her probation amount so locked up in jail. has a hearing. now has a supplemental setting in the magistrate court tomorrow. what is a supplemental setting and why would she have this now?

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It could be for any number of reasons. It could perhaps be to see if probation can be reinstated or, if revoked, what her sentence would be.

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it really doesn't help you to ask this question more than once on Avvo and you already got answers that cover the question. go back and read the answer to your other post and get busy following the advise that an Felony DWI trial lawyer from that jurisdiction gives you.


This hearing has passed, so I'm sure you've realized that this is the start of the adjudication process. It's time to higher an attorney.

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