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Why would my lawyer refuse to send me a copy of my file in Fla?

Middleburg, FL |

my lawyer never communicated with me for a year.I called,even wrote letters-no response.FINALLY someone said they would check on it and 3 days later called and said we had to have a long have they been sitting on that i wonder.then the lawyer says your in bad shape they only offered 18k.the at fault driver has 50k coverage.I want to see my files but they refuse.i no longer trust this firm.what can i do?

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Make an appointment. Keep the appointment. Write down your questions in advance. Ask your question. If you want to see your file, ask to see your file. State whatever you want to state, politely. Thank the lawyer and his staff. Leave. Decide your next step.

Note: do not skip any of these steps.

Every good wish to you.


I agree with the wisdom of Attorney Cameron. Have a face to face meeting with your attorney. Give him/her the opportunity to explain herself and yourself the opportunity to voice your concerns. Give your attorney the chance to make things right. If the effort is unsatisfactory, then consider other options. Best of luck.

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It is good advice to confront your attorney with specific questions. While the failure to respond to your inquiries for a year is inexcusable, you need to understand why the settlement offer is what it is and
why your attorney believes that you should accept it.