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Why would I have all of the copies of my ticket (Court Copy, Driver Services copy, and Violator Copy) from a DUI?

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I was pulled over for a minor traffic violation that does not appear on the ticket and given a DUI. I recieved all the copies of the ticket from the issuing officer. Is this to my advantage or it doesnt matter because I was inputted into the system?

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In most circumstances here in NJ, this would mean that the summons would not be processed to the Court. Given the seriousness of the DUI penalties, consult directly with a lawyer licensed in GA, who can check with the Court to see if there are any summonses entered into the system without informing them that he has the original copies. The lawyer can also review with you the legal issues, dispositions, and penalties just in case you do end up in Court on this matter. Good luck.

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I agree with the first answer. You have all the copies of your ticket because the officer made a mistake. Because you have all the copies of your ticket, a court action may not be commenced against you. (Although, I suspect there is a way for the officer to reissue the ticket and commence court proceedings.)

I strongly urge you to consult with a local, experienced DUI attorney. You can find such an attorney through the National College for DUI Defense: Most initial consultations are free. So, you have nothing to lose!

Good luck!


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