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Why would a dv shelter kick out an abused woman based on lies by the perpetrator just because she is in a drug treatment program

Edmonds, WA |

She has been abused both mentally and physically for 5 or more years so much that she went to drugs to escape. She was trying to get treatment, but the husband refused to let her go, she went anyway and he went after her and took h 14 month old baby. He threatens her every day on the phone after he kicked her out. She went to a shelter, and the next day finds out he lied to cps and they believed him. I know for sure he's been doing this to her all this time because I was called every single time

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The best way for her to fight these allegations is to hire counsel. She will have difficulty trying to navigate these waters on her own.

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Its hard to know why someone would be asked to leave a shelter. It may be that she was believed to be using while in the shelter; it is unlikely that she would be removed for being in treatment.

CPS will usually believe what it is told by whomever until an investigation has taken place. They wont know when the accusations are made the background of the parties so they will take the claims seriously. As a community, we want them to take allegations seriously because sometimes children really are being harmed.

Your friend should contact one of the resources available in Snohomish County. She can find contact information at She may be able to find attorneys who take pro bono cases for low income folks who have family law issues. She doesnt have to lose custody of her child because she is in treatment. She doesnt have to be a victim of abuse any more. She can get help.

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