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Why wont california extradite me on misdemeanor warrants??????????????????

Carson, CA |

i have 4 warrants in cali, im living homless in flint tx. i want to be extradited and brought back to ca. why wont they extradite me???????????? i been arrested 5 times in 2 months and tx just releases me!!! please tell me how i can get myself extradited back to my home state of california?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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I am very sorry to hear that your circumstances are such that you would rather be in jail than living in your current conditions. As you have experienced, you are not going to be extradited for a misdemeanor. It's not worth the government's time and money. I imagine you might already have done so, but seek charitable help and of course a homeless shelter until you can get yourself back on your feet. Good luck.


Are you just looking for free transportation? Extradition seems a pretty extreme thing to seek just for a ride to CA. Most states don't extradite for misdemeanors because it is too expensive.



yes, i want them to come to texas and bring me back to california too jail. im homless and at least i'll have a roof over my head a 3 meals a day. why wont they come get me?


California doesn't extradite for misdemeanors. Most states don't. Their thinking is that the crimes aren't serious, and it would cost too much money to haul you back here,prosecute you and (most likely) put you on probation.

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