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Why will an attorney not help me fight this battle?

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My ex and I share physical custody with him having physical address for school. I moved 45 mins or less from where he lives due to me getting married. We can not come to terms on where to send my oldest to high school. He wants to send him to a school 45 mins away from his house making it over a hour from me. I would like to send him to a high school only 20 mins from him and 30 mins from myself with reliable resources for transportation. The kids do not want to change the custody visitations. They are 15 and 13. He says he is looking out for the best interest of the kids but I feel like it is a control issue with him instead. An attorney refused to take my case since I did not live close to the school district but not refusing transportation or disrupting the visitation

We also have legal joint custody. He is now threatening to take full custody with me getting every weekend visitation rights.

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The Court will ultimately decide what is in the best interests of the children and that may not be what is in your or the fathers best interests. I would encourage you to seek legal representation so you views and concerns may be expressed. In these types of cases it is very hard to lay an outcome for you because of the nature of each judge. In my experience, judges seldom decide that schooling outside their jurisdiction is best.


There are a number of attorneys out there. Just because one did not want to take the case does not mean all attorneys will refuse.

Typically there needs to be a change of circumstance in order to modify an existing order. The most important issue is how the kids are impacted. Longer or shorter travel times for the parents will not necessarily mean as much as which school is objectively better overall for the children.

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If you are willing and able to pay an attorney I'm confident that if you keep searching you'll find one. Good luck.

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