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Why wasn't i arrestest and extradicted by florida police when I was pulled for dwl, with my warrant from North Carolina showing?

Brandon, FL |

I was pulled on my scooter, and got a ticket for driving without a license. When the police search for my identity, he came across a warrant from when I lived in North Carolina. The police said he saw the warrant, but i was not arrested because he said, they will not extradict me. So i got away scotch free with a ticket, but I have to appear before a judge for the ticket. Will I get extradicted then?

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It depends upon what NC wants to do. They could extradite you. Consult with a criminal defense attorney to learn more and you may need an attorney in NC as well. Regardless, you should clear up the problem in NC so that it is not hanging over you for the rest of your life.


Yes. Clear up the warrant in North Carolina and don't go to COURT FOR A TRAFFIC CITATION WHEN YOU HAVE A WARRANT IN ANOTHER STATE. IT COULD BE A BOOBY TRAP BY THE POLICE OFFICER like I will let you go becasue I'm a nice guy but then you get to court and you might get picked up. Maybe I don't know. Florida may not care or has Mr. de Grot said, maybe NC will not care, but maybe the will.

Hire a traffic ticket or criminal defense lawyer for your traffic ticket here in FL. $60-$100 and then Hire a attorney in NC to get rid of that warrant. You will get over-confident and think you are ok and then get pulled over by an agressive cop or picked up at the airport or bus station.


Hire an attorney in NC to get rid of the warrant, and also hire an attorney to handle the traffic ticket.

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