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Why was I arrested? Why was I not questioned? Why was I never given a sobriety test? Why was I massed?

Vista, CA |

I was beat up from someone and while she was kicking me in the head I was holding her feet trying to push her feet away from me by that that time. By the time the police arrived I was massed and then arrested for intoxicated in public. Which I had told the cops I wasn't drunk. They never asked me anything and never gave me a sobriety test. I was then sent to the drunk tank for 8 hours. I was left with 3 lumps and a black eye.

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We cannot answer any of your questions as to why, but if you are charged with anything, you will need a lawyer.


Sounds like you were detained and sent to the drunk tank until you sobered up. However, if a court date was set then you should retain a locally experienced criminal defense attorney ASAP.

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I have a couple of thoughts. First, we can't give you competent answers to your questions without reviewing the police reports in your case, or at least talking to you. As a result, you'll need to consult with a local criminal defense attorney. Most of us offer a free consultation, so call around and hire the best one for you. Second, you've got this in the DUI section, but there's no mention to you driving or any DUI charges. You may want to change the practice area to public intoxication, unless of course you were arrested for a DUI. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen