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Why want my attorney give me a number for what my case is worth?

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I was rear ended by dr. pepper. A demand letter was sent to the insurance adjuster. My attorney was waiting on the economist report and it was received on Friday. He only gave me the numbers of what my loss earnings are but no more. I became disabled from the accident. I had back surgery and was being treated by a neurosurgeon for a concussion. Also still being treated by pain management. Why want the attorney give me around about number of what he is asking? I don't understand that. I thought the attorney is supposed to let me now every aspect of the case. Please shed some light on the situation. My medicals are at 150000 its beens 17 months since the accident. The driver of the truck admitted to fault also we went to court for the traffic ticket he admitted fault.

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No case has a specific value until it is finalized by a settlement or verdict. That can't be predicted. Attorney has a problem-if he gives you a low ball offer, he is risking your confidence, but if he gives you a more optimistic number you are sure to take it as a promise, which he may not be able to keep. Give him a break, your cooperation and work with him to maximize the value of your claim.


Speak with your attorney and let him or her know your concerns.


Make an appointment and discuss. It is not an easy question to answer and only your own attorney has a record of the most important factors. Determination of case value is not a simple mathematical formula. Here's why it is not as easy as one wishes it should be: [Blue-Link-Below]

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Your attorney is most likely being cautious and intends on providing you the estimated numbers after the economist completes his or her report. With that said the true value of your case is left to 12 jurors so I Strongly advise you to understand that any number is simply the demand. No lawyer can 100% predict what the total value of your case willl be.

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There are any number of unpredictable variables that can change or affect the value of a case. Your case might be capable of receiving a million dollar verdict from a jury. But if there's only 100k in coverage and defendant has no significant assets, the case is probably only worth 100k. Many lawyers do not specify an amount in a demand because they don't know the policy limits at the time. So they demand "policy limits." I have also seen cases I thought wee with altogether tanked because the client forgot to tell me about aprior injury. Then there are the state bar ethics rules and considerations that prohibit us from giving clients unreasonable expectations. In shirt there are many reasons a lawyer can't put a number on your case . I suggest you meet with him and ask him to help you understand his strategy instead of zeroing in on the "what's it worth" question.

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Your attorney should talk to you and let you know how he or she values your case, why they put a particular range of value on the case, and get your approval on the settlement value of your case after discussing the situation with you in detail and answering all your questions.

It’s a basic courtesy as well as an ethical obligation for the lawyer to answer all your questions. You should talk to your attorney and express your concerns.


17 months? Sounds like you better get a lawyer who will work your case diligently.