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Why Orlando Court Refused an Out-of-state Garnishment to stop an Ohio Garnishment in Florida employer?

Orlando, FL |

I went to Ninth Circuit today with the Florida Garnishment Exemption form court, but they said the case has to domesticate by the creditor from ohio, but ohio court judge and the creditor lawyer refused to transfee or domesticate the case in Florida. I explained to the clerks that l am here because plaintiff in ohio refused and l want for the court in Florida to force its law since the garnishment is happening in an employer in the state, yer they still refused to create a new in state case. The employer has already accepted the garnishment from ohio and l filed motion in ohio court to domesticate it to florida, they would not. What can l do?

Is there a specific motion or form for domesticate garnishment?

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You need to speak with an attorney who handles these types of cases, soon. Perhaps the attorney can write a letter to the employer which tells them to stop garnishing. The court in OH probably does not have any jurisdiction over the employer.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq.,


If the garnishment was received by a court order in Ohio, you'll need an Ohio attorney to file motions in Ohio. If you want to discuss the garnishment issue, feel free to contact my office.

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