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Why is that when I check my I-485 status online between the steps doesn't appear Interview/Testing?

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The steps of my I-485 online status are: Initial Review, Acceptance, Request for evidence ( the letter that I am waiting for), Decision, Post Decision Activity, Card production. Do these steps apply specifically to my case? Are more steps coming up as my case is going forward? (ex. Interview/Testing after they revise the answer for the RFE and they receive my finger print results). I applied for my conditional green card, not for the permanent one.
Thank you very much for your help.

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Don't rely on the online system its often times imprecise. The written notices is what you should focus on. Call the customer service number if you don't hear anything in 90 days. Removal of conditional green card can take up to 1 year.



They say that they mailed the RFE letter on the 22_nd of March and neither me nor my lawyer haven't received anything yet.


The best way to get updated information on your case is to call USCIS directly because the actual RFE might not appear on the online status.
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I never rely on the online database as that requires human input. If your case has been pending too long (more than the posted processing times) contact CIS and ascertain why it is taking so long. If you're not satisfied, hire a lawyer.


The online case status system is not a "live" system. Information from various live systems are "dumped" into it every day or so. Unfortunately, it is riddled with errors and just because it says something has happened does not mean that it is true. For example, just because it says a case has been approved does not mean that it has. Likewise, when it says an RFE has been issued does not mean that it really has. A lot of times logic and experience got into telling whether the information is reliable or not.

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