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Why is it when a man 6'6 300lbs beats up a mother in front of her children only considered harassment?

Hamlin, PA |

my 33 yr old brother beat me up on labor day in front of my kids my daughter who was 8 at the time begged for her uncle to stop beating me he then told her to go to bed u little scumbag ur just like ur mother now on the 5th of june 2013 tried keeping me captive in the house choked me including disconnecting the phone where i couldn't dial 911 only get harassment again being his 2nd offence towards me

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This isn't really a family law question even though it pertains to a family member. I added the tag "Violent Crime" to your question so that the criminal lawyers will see it. They can best comment on this type of criminal behavior.

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Rochelle S. Rabin

Rochelle S. Rabin


I see that you can get a protection from abuse order against a sibling, so Ms. Vandegrift gave you good advice.


I recommend that you go to your county courthouse and ask for help filing a PFA (Protection from Abuse action). Also, look into counseling for your children.


What you described typically is not categorized as only harassment. The DA can amend it and very well may if you discuss this with them. A restraining order should also be sought.

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