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Why is it that if a man is on SSI that he does not have to pay child support?

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I have a 15 year old child and I have been taking care of her with no problems but I feel that the Father should have a resonsiblity into helping support our child, he had a little job probably gave appro. $500.00 in her years on earth and I feel that he was a man to help make her than no matter what money he should her take care of her no matter where it is from.

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Who determined that SSI is not income to the Father? It would seem to me that pursuant to Chapter 61, Florida statutes, that SSI would definitely be "income." You don't get to avoid paying child support because you get your money from the federal government or anywhere else. Income is income.

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I think in virtually all states, SSI is considered to be welfare that is excludable from income for child support purposes. Notwithstanding that, many states impute a minimum income to parents with support obligations and/or have a minimum child support obligation that is imposed.

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