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Why is enterprise insurance making this claim so difficult and what can i do?

Mill Creek, WA |

My husband was in a car accident with a guy in a rental car from another country. We filed a claim right away. First the insurance company said they were trying to figure out whether he was here on business or pleasure, don't know why. Then after two weeks they said they can not pay for any damages to my car due to not being able to get a hold of his employer. After about a week they called back and said that they found them both at fault because the other guy states he didn't see my husbands headlights so they are trying to claim he had no headlights on when he was driving at night (ridiculous!). Do you know how long it might take to win something like this or when you think they will just give up fighting us and pay. Have a lawyer and police report states he was at fault. Help!!!

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This question is difficult to answer based on the information provided. Your attorney is in the best position to answer this question because he or she knows the particular details of your case and any factors that may prolong settlement.

However, there are numerous reasons that insurance companies have for not paying on claims, some make sense and others are hard to justify, especially to people who have been injured. Keep in mind, that proving that the other party is at fault is only one step in the process. Your attorney also has to prove the damages and injuries that were caused by this event. Often this is what prolongs matters. I usually give my clients a big range in time of a few months to a few years when answering their questions as to how long the process will take. Some things you and your attorney can control, and some things are in the control of third parties, such as the insurance company and the adjustor handling the claim.

It generally does not make sense to try to settle before injuries are healed, or at least before they are diagnoised and fully understood as to what their long term affects will be. Cooperate with your attorney, follow his or her advice, and promptly respond to requests for information. Keep detailed records of time missed from work, as well as co-pays for doctor visits, and mileage and other out of pocket costs. Follow the advice of your doctors, and keep your attorney informed of the status of your medical treatment. This will help your attorney do the best job possible for you within the quickest time possible. Good luck.


Insurance companies aren't the richest companies in American with their names on the tops of the major city skyscrapers because they like to give out money, but your attorney is in the best position to resolve this for you.

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Delay, Deny, Defend. It's what they're best at and your lawyer is in the best position to answer that question as he/she is privy to all the facts.

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With a company like this you need to be very aggressive. You have done the right thing by retaining an attorney. Keep in touch with them for the details on your claim. As far as the "why" part of your question, I hope the article linked below gives you some perspective: [Blue Link Below]

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What makes you think they would give up fighting with you? Insurance carriers look for any and all excuses not to pay. Luckily, you have an attorney. Speak with your attorney about getting the issues resolved as soon as possible.

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