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Why is Alt. Sentencing not a state judgement of guilt prior to a hearing of any sort?

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Upon posting bail, conditions are you appear before the court on a given day to enter a plea. Sentencing, of any sort, prior to entering a plea denies due process. Your thoughts on a DUI with a B.A.L. of 0.04.

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You are not being sentenced at your next court date. That is simply an arraignment where a copy of the criminal complaint will be given to you or your lawyer. At that point, you decide whether to take a deal and set a trial. If you plead guilty to DUI or something less, or you go to trial and then lose, you will be sentenced, and not before. Sentencing is a long way down the road, and there must be a finding of guilt before that.

There are a ton of things that can go wrong in DUI. Hire private counsel. My office offers free consultations.


The phrasing of your question is confusing. If by alternative sentencing, you mean a deferred sentencing or stay adjudication, is a negotiation which does not require you to be adjudicated at all so long as you complete conditions and then the case is dismissed.

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I agree with my colleague.

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Your question is a bit confusing but I think you are asking about bail conditions prior to entering a plea. The court can set certain conditions if you are to be released. For a DUI, some judges put conditions such as not drinking until next court or not picking up new DUI cases. Not ever court puts conditions but they are usually done in conjunction with an OR release or bail release. Regarding your DUI, I suggest you set up appointment for free consult to carefully review the circumstances. Good luck.

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