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Why I received 2 welcome letters from uscis after green card was granted?

Merrick, NY |

I recieved a welcome noticed last week and then yesterday I recieved the same one just with different date why would they send the same notice twice
Thank you

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Probably just an error on their part. Nothing to worry about. You should however make sure the A number is the same on both. If the A number is different you should call the 1 800# or mail a letter and copy of both letters to the USCIS.


Nothing to worry about. USCIS usually does that.


You are OK - it happens.



Dear Deborah thank for your answer can you also tell me why they keep one picture from our album?


Not a problem. I had a client that got 5 welcome letters! We joked that if they were to send one more maybe they'd just make him a citizen!!

Now, if they send you 2 cards, make an InfoPass appointment.

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It is probably a mistake.
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