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Why I don't get I - 485 notice but my other friend who filed later than me got the notice.

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I have filed for Green Card (F2A) on March 06 2011(same priority date) through my wife. She is on GC. I got approval notice for I-130 . One of my friend filed on Aug 2011 and she got I -485 form notice and I didn't get it

What can I do?

Currently I am on valid H1B visa status. One of my friend is saying she got i-485 notice and her priority date is somewhere in Aug 2011... Is it right? Is it possible?

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This question requires more facts. Are you in status? If not, are you grandfathered under 245i provisions? Also, an F2A priority date of March 6, 2011 is not current. The F2A priority date is currently October 22nd, 2010.



Yes I am on valid H1B visa status.



One of my friend is saying she got i-485 notice and her priority date is somewhere in Aug 2011... Is it right? Is it possible?


It is difficult to comment without seeing all the papers.

It is possible that your friend improperly filed his papers, or that you filed improperly.

Again, it is very hard to comment without seeing the papers.

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I agree with both of my colleague and I would strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with an experienced immigration attorney and bring all of your documents to that consultation.

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Every case is different. YOur facts are probably different. You may have filed improperly or incompletely. YOu may not have sent enough evidence. Your file may have gotten lost. There are many explanations. More information is needed to offer useful advice.


It is difficult to answer such a question without more information and the ability to compare the paperwork from both cases.

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