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Why does ssdi backpay take sooo long?

Grants Pass, OR |

My husband was approved for SSDI Dec. 1st this year and has still not gotten his backpay. He has called several times and all they say is it is being processed. Why so long?

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Put his attorney on it!

It does seem like a really long time in his case, you should be asking the field office there and the payment center what the hold up is. Put his attorney on it! Call them both 2x a week until you get some specific information. Put his attorney on it! Do they have the accurate bank routing number and bank account number? Is it SSI and SSD or just SSI or just SSD? SSI sometimes takes longer to calculate. Put his attorney on it!

Put his attorney on it!

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Everything seems to take a long time when dealing with Social Security, but if your husband was approved last December, then he should definitely be getting his checks already. This is not normal.

Use the Social Security Administration's Local Office Locator to find the contact information for your local Social Security office: Call and get someone to check into this for you, or make an appointment and go there in person. As the previous attorney stated, if you had an attorney represent your husband in his disability claim, you need to contact him/her to do the leg work for you. Ask the attorney if he has already received his percentage of your back pay as well.

Jack Justin Adams

Jack Justin Adams


This can certainly be an ongoing pain in the rear. I believe Carolinas answer is sound advise.


One factor that can extend the processing time is receipt of workers' compensation. If you husband is/was on comp the benefit calculation can take longer. If so, make sure that Social Security has all the info about payments made by comp and any settlements.

One other thing you can do is call your congressman. It's an election year and they usually have someone on staff to deal with Social Security problems.

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