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Why does someone have an anonymity agreement with the Army and the discharge papers are withheld?

Onalaska, TX |

A female after two tours is out with no discharge papers and when a job runs a background check (criminal history) she is contacted and questioned by military authorities and cautioned about violating anonymity agreement.

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I have never heard of a situation like you are describing. I'm not sure if you have actually seen this agreement or just been told about it, but I would be highly suspicious. It could be an effort to cover up a poor service characterization. You and her may have some misunderstanding about her responsibilities after cooperating in a military investigation.

In any event, it seems very suspect.

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There is no such thing as an "anonymity agreement" when one gets out of the Army. Somebody is not telling somebody the truth.


I find it hard to be that a military service member can be in fact discharged w/o discharge paperwork. An administrative discharge would not come on any criminal background check unless the service member was separated because of criminal offenses.


Somebody shoveling you a pile of BS.

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