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Why does everyone say you have to have a lawyer to file for Early Term of Probation?

Sherman, TX |

I'm on my 4th yr of 5 yr for possession <1g, first offense. Have finished all classes and fines, only thing paying is monthly supervision fees. All the offices are so vague on how to apply for this, but I managed to find the form to file in the law library, and it's a simple two page form.
Is it suggested to have the lawyer because they can push it through?
After I fill it out and file myself, will it just sit there since I don't have a lawyer?
and how much would a lawyer cost estimated? I don't have much money, so I'm trying to spend as little as possible.

All the info I typed didn't stay. I want to know if I just file the request myself is it going to be dismissed?

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You can file it yourself. I think the attorney suggestion is because the judge will take it more seriously coming from an attorney--especially an attorney he knows. And an attorney will know what arguments work with your judge to get the best result.

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Probationers generally have very little credibility with the court. For some reason, when filtered through an attorney's presentation to the court, the points the probationer wants to make often seem to be much more believable to the court.

Also, if the probationer is not a lawyer, the probationer is likely to "leave chips on the table" as the saying goes. A simple termination of probation early is not the same as a termination early with the conviction set aside and the case dismissed. A pleading (meaning a written request to the court done formally according to the applicable rules of procedure)...a pleading is a technically complex document that ought to cite the various laws that govern the situation. Do you know those laws.

I could go on. Instead, I recommend that anyone seeking early termination seek the advice and assistance of a good criminal defense lawyer.

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