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Why does bail get reduced in Preliminary Hearing?

Rochester, NY |

My friend was charged a few days ago in NY with Burglary 3rd and bail was set at $10,000. At his prelim. the judge reduced it to $0...he got ROR'd. He has a multiple priors and is still on probabtion. What does this say about the case if anything?

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If there was no hearing, it means nothing. If there was a hearing and the judge found probable cause but still reduced the bail, the case is weak. Speak with his attorney about these issues.

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It could say a lot about the case. At arraignment the judge has little information on which to make a decision. At this stage the judge is provided with additional information and a look at what the evidence might be. One of the reasons bail might have been reduced is because the judge thinks the case is weaker than originally perceived. Additionally if the DA isn't ready within a certain amount of time the defendant must be released, if that's the case then it isn't a reflection of the strength of the case. You should speak to the attorney handling the case. S/he would be in the best position to tell you what's going on.


There was a change in circumstance. Best to ask the lawyer who represented him what that was or ask your friend, since he was there.

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