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Why do victims have pay for illegal and unprofessional acts that a business or person is responsible for

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someone is responsible for illegally saling me a vechile and allowing a smog shop to submit illegal smog certificates. i thought when i bought this car i got a good deal had no problems with the car it drove perfect for 2 years and still does until i go to smog it and i find out that the cars emmissions had been tempered with , it was sold illegally to me it had been smogged by a smog shop under investigations and possibly with suspended licenes at the time and it wont pass smog because its been polluting the earth that can harm people. and its going to cost me money i dont have and can get tags until its fix or i have to retire it. and i have nitemares over a check engine light. i had no idea of this illgeal activity and everybody else did..

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Is this a legal question, or just a general complaint?

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This has already been explained to you. You can sue in small claims court.


Unfortunately, people steal from other people in many different ways.

Kevin A. Spainhour, Esq.