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Why do atty get threatened by the public begging for help when they get hurt by judges and attys because they are PRO SE ?

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Simple not to hard to understand . But attys that have no idea answer question just to put their name up . Don't understand what the Bar Association does , they are atty organization and don't help the public . . . attys pay to belong . Attys on line Ans questions like they are doing a deposition , , don't understand to vague , to complex to ans , go talk to a atty . Problem is I was begging for help to find a legal malpractice atty , and not one answered . But personal injury , auto accidents , divorce ttys , they have nothing to help with . If they know a atty to help please let me know . I'm told I'm ranting , sorry I'm begging for help . But can't find a legal malpractice atty . lost my home because of errors , so what why would attys want to help . There are great attys but the public has no ideas which ones

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It is not clear what you are asking

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Question is Why do attys have a problem understanding that the public needs to be able to find Legal malpractice atty, whena bad atty hurts them and destroys there case. Never tell judge they are the atty on the case, forget date, have you pay large bills and refuse to give you information of what the client is paying for. One atty flagged me because I have a issue with a unethical atty and need professional help because of the abuses. Continue to be told to go to the bar association, they do not help the public, they help the attys that pay to belong. Last one they gave me had not updated his license it expired in June 2012, would you want that person as a legal malpractice atty? Also I'm told to look on avvo for a legal malpractice, there is not one listed. Ethical and Professional responsibility attys that help atty when they get in trouble Thanks for at least anwering...I told I'm ranting, sorry atty abuse and losing lawsuit because of their errors you would rant also.. Sorry they think I'm wrong.. God be with us all..


If the state bar association referral did not work out, then simply use the search feature here at AVVO to find a local legal malpractice attorney, use Google or the phone book. Call several to see if you have a viable case. Legal malpractice cases are very difficult to win, so if no one is interested in representing you, that should tell you something.

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