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Why did the year that my judgement should fall of my credit report change ?

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Have a judgement on my credit report for a payday loan . 1st delinquent 2009 . Credit report said it would be removed 2016 . Paid the full amount 2012 . Creditor never updated to paid status . I dispute the item . It is now updated to paid in full . Now the year it says the judgement will be removed is 2019 ? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! ! Why did the year change ? Is there a reason ? And is there a way to change it back ? I thought it went from the first time of delinquency ? ? Thank you .

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First, to what part of the credit report are you referring: the public record that is the judgment, or the trade line for the underlying account?

The trade-line will be re-aged because you paid it, that action materially updated the status of that account with new activity. But if the trade-line shoes paid as agreed, it really isn't that damaging to your credit.

If the judgment has been paid, you should be able to file either a Motion to Vacate Judgment, or the creditor may file a Satisfaction of Judgment. Once that is done, the public record that is the judgment may be removed.



Thank you for your response. It is listed under the public record part at the beginning of the reports a judgemeny. It sucks that it re ages... I will try to file the motion to vacate judgement as you suggested. Thank you for your help!!


With some exceptions, the FCRA § 605(a) provides that a civil judgment cannot stay on a credit report more than 7 years - paid or not. It used to be, prior to the FACTA being enacted in 2003, that when you paid a judgment the clock reset and the 7 years started again. That is no longer the case. You should consult a consumer law attorney to see if there is something about your situation that might fall within one of the exceptions.

The answers to these questions may be different depending on your individual circumstance and should not be considered as legal advice or the establishment of an attorney-client relationship.


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