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Why did I receive this ticket, when Alternate-side parking regulations were suspended on Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday

Rego Park, NY |

November 3, 2012

From: Lyson Bazile
64-20 Saunders Street, apt B6
Rego Park, NY 11373

To: Queens Chronicle
41-2 Bell Boulevard
Bayside, NY 11361

Re: I wonder if this happens on Park Avenue…

To whom it may concern:

On July 02, 2012 I had to pay a parking violation issued to me on Martin Luther King Day (01/17/2011).
It was clearly stated on that day that all alternate side parking were suspended. I even called 311.

Two years later I am still angry about this… Why did I get this ticket?

The violation went from $50.00 for $120.00. I wrote numerous letters (see enclosed) in protest and trying to get the ticket dismissed in vain. I was found guilty and yet I do not believe that I had broken any rules or regulations. I am hoping that by making my story known I will prevent this injustice from happening for someone else. I should have written this letter the moment I was subjected to this, however better late than never.

What should I have done, what should have been my course of action?

Thank You,

Lyson Bazile

See enclosed (all correspondences attached)

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Attorney answers 3


There's nothing you can do about it now - it's too late.
The time to do this was when the ticket was returnable, three years ago.

There's a legal saying. He who sits on his hands gets nothing

I am an attorney admitted solely in NY. None of the answers I submit on this forum constitutes legal advice, even to questioners in NY, and no attorney-client relationship is hereby created.



i did not sit on my hands. The letter said that I protested and wrote to every government officials and ask for a hearing and was still found guility. I did not sit on my hands. I find you comment to be very disrespectful and very unprofessional. God Bless You.

Susan Pernick

Susan Pernick


God bless you, too.


Unless you own a trucking company, the safest thing to do when you get a NYC parking ticket is pay it. Especially if it is only $50.00. It's the added price you have to pay to live in NYC - which is why I don't live in the city!


There are no points to parking tickets.