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Why can't I qualify for the Affordable Care Act insurance assistance? There shouldn't be disqualification for being "too poor"!

Hot Springs National Park, AR |

My social security payments are only $319 a month, but I do freelance work for extra money (varying amounts). I am 63 and took an early retirement because of health problems and impossibility of getting employment.
The Affordable Care Act site tells me I have to use Medicaid because I do not have enough money to qualify for Obamacare.
Medicaid (Arkansas) says I have too much in assets to qualify for Medicaid.
Is there an income/assets range that disqualifies me from everything?
What can I do?

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Instead of using the web site call them. With tax credits that can be applied to the premium you may be able to get insurance for little or nothing. Republican governors by in large are not accepting increase Medicaid assistance from the federal government.



But who should I call? ACA or Medicaid?


Arkansas has a call center to help you walk through the process. The Republican controlled legislature would not authorize creation of the State run web site that Governor Beebe, a Democrat, wanted created so local folks controlled Arkansas' web site. Call Center phone number is

Call Center is available 24/7
TTY: 1-855-889-4325

Web site is

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