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Why can someone find an attorney to sue Mcdonalds for napkin issues and hot coffee issues?

Syracuse, NY |

Why can prisoners find attorneys to sue about sneakers, food ect. and when someone truly does wrong to you you can't find an attorney to return your calls (without even knowing what the issue is about) and/or be told they don't handle this type of case and can't refer anyone? We even offer to purchase 1 hr of their time to review the paperwork and then they disappear and not even call to say yes or no. These attorneys advertise how great they are and specialize in consumer issues, spend a lot of time on these forums but don't have the time to truly do the work, unless it is a class action suit.

This is not about other cases and I am not bitter about other cases. I was recommended to the NACA website for my particular problem. I've been trying to pay an attorney their time to review my paperwork for extended warranty forgery. I leave telephone messages and email them without explaining in detail what the problem is. I get zero response.. except one who I overnighted the paperwork to and never heard from him again. A respectful answer of no you don't have a case or yes you do have a case would be appreciated. The problem was filed with the Attorney General's office and they obviously feel there is a problem because they opened an investigation and involved a different regulatory agency. So just to clear this post up..I am not bitter about other cases and other people's rights..I am just curious what other attorneys feel about the collegues who make a bad name for your industry.

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The McDonald's case was actually a serious incident. McDonald's had prior notice that several hundred people suffered burns because it's coffee was too hot. There is a documentary about the case that is worth watching if you can find it. I think it ran on HBO a few years ago. As for the rest of your question I can't answer for other lawyers and can only assume they either think you don't have a case worth pursuing or the damages are too small for their office to handle. Law suits take up lots of lawyer time and money to pursue.

The above answer, and any follow up comments or emails is for informational purposes only and not meant as legal advice.

Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall


The coffee movie is available on Netflix, and it is an eye-opener for anyone who is relying on the press reports of that case.


Sometimes you know in the first minute of the phone conversation that this is not a case you are going to take. Sometimes you know that the case is not within the area of law in which you practice. Sometimes you know in the first minute that you don't want to work with the person as a client. They tell you that they want a "pit bull" or they want retribution. There are a great many lawyers and lawyers don't have to advise every single person who seeks advice. Sometimes you know immediately that you are not the right lawyer. By the way, many of those prisoners file their own cases or are helped by people right there in the prison who have legal experience and ability. And don't get me started on the McDonald's coffee burn case in which a woman was severely burned by coffee spilled in her lap after McD's had been cited hundreds of times for coffee served at scalding temperatures. It's easy to cite that case as an abuse of the legal system, unless you know the facts.


You are clearly misinformed about the McDonalds coffee case.

It is likely you are equally misinformed about the validity of your case and/or seek something the system cannot provide you. Both are valid reasons for an attorney to decline your case.

The foregoing is for general information purposes and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.


Your "question" in a sense is a rhetorical one because no one on AVVO has knowledge as to why you were declined representation by other attorneys. Many possible reasons for that happening have been suggested by other responders. It is respectfully suggested that before you allow yourself to become bitter based on a belief that other "cases" which you believe are questionable or frivolous in merit have been brought so why not yours, you should be aware that, as a general concept, more cases have been "turned down" by attorneys than have been "accepted" or taken. Additionally, even if you found a lawyer to take your case, there is no guarantee that yours would be successful if you could not meet the requisite showing of entitlement under the law. If you did a little research, you would find that many a case has been disposed of by a defendant's verdict dismissing the claim - even some which could be considered having the color of meritorious argument. As such, attorneys have to always consider which case to invest time and effort into, which is a personal decision for each attorney. After all, our system entitles each person to choose which lawyer they want to hire; and the lawyer is entitled to choose which client they want to represent. Fair is Fair.

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