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Why am I still being denied?

North Bend, OR |

I have been disabled for 6 years now, I had been seeing a nurse practitioner for most of that time, I have been to therapy I have had a physical capacities eval. that deemed me disabled and I have had on going treatment following 2 MRIs and 3 X-rays.
I have upper spinal lordosis , budging disks, scoliosis, narrowing ???, pushed in vertebra, multi level disc degeneration.
I am in constant pain but I have always work up until 6 years ago. I have an attorney I have medical evidence I have doctors that tell me I am disabled however ss keeps turning me down making it so that I will now get less benefits if I do qualify, because of the amount of time I have been without work.
What should I expect? Is this normal? Why would they keep turning me down even with all the proof that I should need?

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If it has been Social Security disability benefits that have been denied, then you can know the reason for the denial by reading the denial notice. Your attorney can help explain it. Social Security disability requires that a claimant have "insured status," meaning 40 covered quarters with 20 earned within the 40 calendar quarters immediately preceding disability onset, and an impairment so severe that work at any kind of job is precluded. Your medical providers do not have the authority to decide if you are disabled, and the opinion of a nurse practitioner may not be acceptable medical opinion. Your attorney should be aggressively developing and presenting your evidence.

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