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Why am i considered an out of state student?

Miami, FL |

I am a florida resident, a graduated high school student and a U.S citizen and i have been accepted into a university in florida but they are telling me that i am considered out of state because of my parents legal status. My question is why can i not study as an in state student even though all my paperwork is in order and i was born here? What would i have to do to fix this issue?

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My understanding of this is that if you are relying on your parents, that is you have not yet achieved independent status, that the state of Florida looks to the status of your parents to determine your residency, not to your status. I believe this is primarily a political/policy decision made by the state of Florida in expressing its place in the ideological debate on the immigration status. In order to use your status to determine your residency, you will have to first become independent from your parents.

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