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Why am I being investigated?

Pullman, WA |

My now EX boy friend whom I DID live with was recently caught stealing Hydrocodone at the pharmacy I work at. He had worked for a seperate company who shared the same store front with the pharmacy. Although not allowed in offices he still managed to charm his way into them. I am being investigated due to the fact I knew he had HAD an addiction in which I helped him detox from BEFORE his employment with the company he worked for. I had no knowledge he had even started taking them again, although I did have my suspicions I had no proof and truly thought we were just in a bad spot in our relationship so I was trying to stir up things by confronting him. Could I be facing any charges for suspicion of his addiction? Although I had NOOOO idea where he was getting them or even IF he was on them?

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Attorney answers 3


It is hard to say at this point what law enforcement might or might not believe but do you have any reason to believe you are a suspect? Have you been contacted by investigators at all? Because you obviously have some concerns about potential culpability, I would consult with an attorney immediately and not discuss this case with anyone else. An hour with an attorney who can advise you is money well- spent.


Do not wait until you are charged to protect yourself. Hire an attorney now to do the investigation into your situation. The attorney is a barrier to the government obtaining evidence that can be used against you. Also, if you are working in a pharmacy I suspect you have some level of license to do so. I am currently defending an action to revoke the license of someone who is alleged to have been involved in theft of drugs. The investigation can lead to unexpected consequences in other areas.

I am not offering legal advice and in no way does this post create an attorney-client relationship.


Hire a lawyer asap. You need to be able to defend yourself.