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Why a second immigration interview?

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I came here in 2002 with F-1 visa. We got married in March 2009, we submitted the I-485 on November 2009. Got my fingerprints done on December 2009. We had our interview On February. We brought with everything they asked on the letter (my wife original documents, my original documents (prove of an annulment since I got married when was 21 and my ex-wife abandoned), lease with our name,car insurance in our name, join bank accounts, phone bill together, letters, our grad pics, wedding pics, holidays pics.....) the lady was very straight forward; she asked my wife questions about her and then asked me questions about me; then she asked how we met, how guests in our wedding, when did we get married, she also asked if her parents came.

She went thru the photo albums...we answer all her questions with no problems...Then she asked us if it was ok to keep some pics to open a file and we said its ok since we haven't in our computer...Then she kept the bank statements, phone bills, copy of the lease, car insurance policy. She put everything on a file she said was gonna review everything she kept and make a decision...Finally, she made sign a paper saying that once she made her decision I was gonna get a temporal green card by mail (within 30 days) and I need to apply to a permanent one 90 days before it expires...SO: one day before the 30 days I got a letter from the USCIS saying that we both need to show up on April for another interview and bring all the stuff we brought in our first interview...I'm not sure what's going on because if something was wrong the lady would have told us during the first interview. Am I right?

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Based upon what you have written... the most probable answer to your question in my analysis would be...
You've been Stoked. This means you are being called for a Second Marriage Interview because the examiner based on your interview and the evidence you submitted had some doubts about the "bona fides" of your marriage. There are many more questions that you can expect to be asked at this next interview. You can expect to be asked to appear at a different location, and to be separated. If you have further evidence of your marriage, it would be a good idea to bring that evidence, and to keep a copy. Perhaps your answers were inconsistent or said with a voice sounding equivocal. Sometimes the precision of the answers if too exact or too off can lead to suspicion compared to answers that are close but given from different perceptions. Such as: We have two tv's and one broken monitor in the back room, and we have 3 tv's.

I would strongly consider consulting/hiring a competent immigration lawyer to review your file with you, including what was said at your first interview, and to prepare for this interview.
The apparent demeanor of your adjudicator/administrative officer does not always correctly imply the decision they will be making on your file.


With a case such as this one you are advised to retain an immigration lawyer.


Hi. Usually a second interview means that the officer has doubts as to whether your marriage is real (bona fides).....second interviews usually mean that the couple will be split up....and asked similar questions in order to determine whether their answers match. I would strongly recommend that you to the second interview with an attorney. Wish you luck!